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Awards & Education:

Finalist Hornsby Art Prize, 2023

Finalist, Kennedy Art Prize 2023

Finalist, AME Bale Art Prize 2022

Finalist, Hornsby Art Prize, 2022

Finalist, Basil Sellers Art Prize, 2022

Highly Commended, John Copes Portrait Prize, 2022

Semi-Finalist, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, 2021

Finalist, Kennedy Art Prize, 2021

Finalist AME Bale Travelling Scholarship, 2020

Finalist, Kilgour Prize, 2020

Finalist, SBS Portrait Prize, 2020

Finalist, Kennedy Art Prize, 2019

Finalist, Naked & Nude Art Prize, 2019

Finalist, Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award, 2019

Semi-Finalist, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, 2018

Finalist, AME Bale Painting Prize, 2018

Winner, Every Boardroom Needs an Artist Art Prize, 2017

Winner, Full-time Scholarship, Julian Ashton Art School 2017

Julian Ashton Art School: 2015-2017

Florence Academy of Art: 2017

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